Drinking more water…

So drinking water is important right? Supposed to drink something like 8 to 10 glasses a day, and more if active, or pregnant, or in warm climates. It was so hard to keep up on my water when I was pregnant. Even ended in labor & delivery with contractions due to dehydration.

Water gets boring. I’ve done the fruit water, the cucumber water, the flavor drops and packets, and everything else. I have changed water pitchers from Brita to Zero and back again. I have used the water bottles with the filters in them.

Recently a friend posted about a water bottle that I had seen ads for numerous times. I thought about getting. I actually wanted to get it for my husband to use at work, as he also gets very bored with water and then turns to soda.


If you haven’t seen the ads for it, you should look it up! This is a water bottle that you fill with water like any other. The top of the bottle has a hole in it. This is where you insert a flavor cartridge! These look like water filter, but when you drink you get flavored water!

It has a dial on it from 0 to 10 to adjust the flavor. Im sure you are thinking “Well I’d have to have it up high for it to taste good and then I’d only get maybe 3-4 refills from it”. Nope! It tastes great at a 3 or 4! And I have been using the same flavor cartridge for over a week.

I went from drinking one powerade every 2 days, or a glass of juice or ice tea over the course of an entire day – to drinking 2.5 of these water bottles! Thats huge for me!

Try it yourself and let me know what you think!


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