What I use for my nails

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I’m not really a girlie girl, but I do enjoy doing my nails. Before kids I was changing my nails weekly. After kids…well I really try for monthly. As I said in a previous post for the makeup I use, you won’t see me doing makeup or hair tutorials, and you probably won’t see me do nail tutorials either. Maybe photos of finished nails. I’m just not a video person. Everyone suggests I should do some Facebook lives and get it over with to get comfortable. I’m thinking that will look like a news reporter in the middle of a hurricane.

I am really considering becoming a stylist for ColorStreet so the no nail videos plan may change. So besides ColorStreet, let’s take a look at what is currently my favorites for my nails.

Cuccio Powder Polish Dip is great! Very easy to use, and once you have done it once or twice, you can have a full set of nails done in less than 20 minutes. I love that I can be a bit creative with the powder, and make my own designs. You don’t have to use just one solid color on your nails, you can mix powder colors, fade one color into another, make color patches, marble the colors, etc.. Also once the last step is finished, your nails are completely dry. No wait time at all. For a busy mumma, that means if the kids are being crazy, I can still get a nail done at a time in between chasing toddlers! No smears or smudges!

These holographic dips I chose without fully researching. Figured I could use them like the regular polish dips. I was wrong. They work with gel polish. So that led to the next item! But once I figured out they worked with gel, they came out amazing!!

Gellen Gel Polish Kit is great in that it offers everything you need to start out! And again, like the dip powders, once you use the top coat and cure, your nails are dry! No smudges or smears! Super easy to use, and just as fast (sometimes faster depending on what I’m doing) as the dip powder. I can still customize my design, and don’t have to stick with just solid colored nails.

These tips are awesome! The gel polish does not have the color on the outside of the bottle, just the color number, so I bought these tips to keep track of my colors. I am in the process of making a shelf to display my over 200 bottles of polish, so I figured I would hang this off the side of it once finished so I can easily pick the colors I want. These tips allow me to see the true colors of the polish I have, and see them matched up with other colors or designs I want to use.

I’ll post the finished shelf once its finished. It’s been ridiculously hot here in Texas so its taking me a long time to get projects finished.

Do you do your nails? What do you use? How many of you use ColorStreet or similar polish decals? Let me know!

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