Tools for our new home!

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Buying a home comes with the realization that you need a multitude of tools for repairs, odd jobs, and landscaping. Unless of course you plan on hiring someone for every little job you need done. I am a DIYer, and try to do everything myself – with the exception of electrical and gas. Those two I do not attempt and leave to professionals. Installing our new gas stove was really simple, but required replacing the small gas line to the stove so it was left to professionals. All my electrical work is done by our electrician. I have a post on that if you want to read about all those troubles…

We bought a few new tools for my projects, including a multi tool, and sander. For the house we have bought a ladder, power washer and pole saw. We also updated a few smaller tools, like adding a few clamps, laser level, wrenches, drill kit, wire brushes, caulking tools, and tape measures (our son snapped our other…).

We used to stick with mainly Craftsman tools, but lately Ryobi has been our first choice. The multi tool and sander have taken a beating from me (many odd jobs and projects plus an accidental drop), and still perform amazing every time.

I need to add more tools to our collection, but I think waiting for Black Friday sales now is the wisest choice. I will be posting about my projects, and our landscaping soon.

What do you recommend for tools? What is in your collection? Let me know below!

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