Parenting…and the Public

I am a very laid back parent. As long as they are safe, healthy and happy, they are free to do as they wish. I also don’t care what others think about my parenting style. I think this is made pretty clear by the fact that I have purple and blue hair!

I was never the typical first time parent. With a background in EMS I knew the difference between an emergency and just normal kid stuff. The first pediatrician I had for my oldest thought it was odd that I had no questions for her at his well check visits. She kept telling me that first time parents always have tons of questions for her. Sorry lady, I don’t.

I also used a backpack with a leash attached for my oldest when he was starting to walk. I expected to get the weird stares and rude comments. I actually got many positive comments from moms who either used it with their kids, or wished they had it when their kids were younger. I will be buying another backpack leash for my baby. Safety always comes first and my kids like to push boundaries.

I am not the healthy eating, world chef mother type either. I have friends taking their toddlers to cultural fairs and feeding them foods I can’t pronounce. I think that is absolutely amazing! My toddler eats goldfish and chicken. My baby eats everything in sight and growls like Jack Jack from Incredibles if he runs out of food (and shockingly is still ranking in 50th percentile on the charts). My kids don’t go to cultural fairs. I mean we aren’t junk food addicts. I don’t have candy and chips out on a daily basis. Sweets are a treat during holidays and for really good behavior (as in being excellent at the doctors office and being rewarded with a lollipop at checkout). I like to cook and bake, and I’m happy my toddler loves to bake with me. We make one meal not 4 meals. Anything new my toddler does attempt to try, but I never force it. And both kids are really big on fruits and I make fresh made juices. As long as their check ups continue to be perfect, I don’t care what they eat as long as they are healthy. There is plenty of time to teach them about healthy balanced eating later in life.

Point to this? Parent the way you want to! Don’t worry about what Super Susie and Johnny are doing with their kids. Your kids don’t want Susie, they want you. Don’t worry about Nosy Nancy at the grocery store either, because she isn’t coming home with you to help out. Don’t stress when Healthy Heather tells you that your kids are missing out when they don’t eat the broccoli. Tell Heather you have learned which battles to fight, and broccoli isn’t todays fight.

You are doing amazing! Just keep being you!

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