New Stove

When we bought the house we had planned on updating all the appliances in the kitchen. They were all a bit older but in working condition so it wasn’t a top priority.

As a person that likes to bake and cook, having an oven that works properly at the right temperatures is pretty crucial. We were told at inspection that the oven was reading 50 degrees off from the set temperature. I adjusted for the difference while baking dinners. I didn’t dare attempt any actual baking of breads and such.

We have a home warranty from the purchase of the house. So I called them up and scheduled a service call. When they sent a local company to come out, the technician told me there was nothing wrong. When I explained what the home inspection found, he adjusted the oven settings by 25 degrees. By his readings, there was nothing wrong.

Then one night while trying to bake two small chicken breasts, it wasn’t heating up like it should. I had bought an oven thermometer and it was reading almost 100 degrees off from what the stove stated it was at. I had had enough. I needed an oven that actually worked properly all the time. That weekend we went shopping for a new stove, and it was delivered the next week.

We chose a black stainless steel 5 burner with convection option. Its beautiful, cooks evenly, and is a breeze to clean!

Old Stove (Don’t mind the mess, this was during painting the kitchen)
Beautiful new!

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