Imperfect Foods

I have mentioned in other posts that I subscribe to Imperfect Foods (formerly Imperfect Produce). This is a weekly delivery of produce and other foods to my door. The produce is from farms that are not able to sell to stores for reasons such as size, color or mislabeled. There is nothing wrong with the foods they offer. They are trying to keep perfectly good foods from going to the landfill and wasted.

You can choose what size box you would like, but ultimately I have found this doesn’t matter. I can order as much or as little as I’d like each week. I can even skip a week if I don’t need it. Each week there is a customization window which allows you to add or remove items from cart. You see your total, so you always know what you are spending. They send you an email when the window opens to remind you to customize your box.

Imperfect Foods is not in every location, but is growing very quickly. When I first heard about it, it was not in my area. I checked back two weeks later, and was surprised to find it was now in my area!

Want to see if its in your area? You can check here –

This is a referral link – which every member gets – we both get $10 when you sign up! Not a bad way to start out with $10 worth of free food!!

If you already use Imperfect Foods, let me know below what you think of it!

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