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I just had to add a few things to this list (and I’m sure I’ll add even more later) and revise one item that I listed before. I’ll also update the other posting that I made as well. As before, click the pictures for more information on the items.

When I bought my Macbook Pro the sales associate asked me if I needed USB or HDMI, and not thinking I said “No I don’t really use them.” Well, in fact I do use them. I have a few things that I charge and also some things that only plug into USB (like the Gellen lamp to cure my nails). So I turned to my trusted Amazon and found this awesome product! 3 USB and a charging port. Came packaged nicely, and came with a warranty card to register it for a 12 month warranty. It also mentioned a new free product when registering. When I went to the website, it offered a refund for the product after filling out an additional form. I haven’t received anything back yet, I’ll update if I do.

I had mentioned on the other post that my son loved the water beads that I had ordered. He did, still does. The beads from the first order were slimy though. They left a greasy feel to your hands. Even though they were still really fun to play with, I ordered a different brand when the first was used up. Since we have a dog, I was tossing the beads when they got too covered with dog hair. This brand is slightly better! Not greasy or slimy at all. Feels like a wet bouncy ball. They also seemed to grow a bit faster and a little larger. Overall much more impressed with this batch! A warning though, this container is very small, the reviews on Amazon show how small the container is, but I feel it is still worth the price as the quality is great.

This one I just had to add for fun, like I did with the Gellen nail kit. I am building a cute shelf for all my nail polish, as the 3 drawer plastic container is bulking and not very efficient. I will post about how it’s built when it’s finished. I figured if I placed a small hook at the bottom of the shelf I could hang these (after I have painted them of course) and have an even look at the colors I have available.

If you are a male following this blog – I promise I will have posts that interests you as well! Stay tuned for the tools we have purchased to maintain our home, and to create all my projects! I have a few furniture refinishing posts coming up as well!

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