This weekend has been an expensive one!

We bought a Vizio tv when we moved into the house, as this living room is much larger than the last. Our 42″ tv looked tiny in the large room, so we bought a 65″ and put the smaller tv in the master bedroom. That was just a few months ago. Thursday night the screen went black. We had sound, but no picture. Tried to find troubleshooting solutions online and only came up with doing a soft reset. That did nothing. Contacted Vizio support and based on the warranty, that would send out a replacement from the warehouse. A refurbished tv. Within 7-10 days to a delivery company. They will schedule a delivery after that. My brand new tv will be replaced with a used one in about 2 weeks…

Not good enough. Friday night trip to Best Buy. Got a 65″ Samsung, with the Best Buy protection plan just in case. Great vibrant screen, better than the Vizio. Happy with it so far. Time will tell how well and how long it lasts.

My Dell had been acting up for a while and I was really trying to make it work. My dog had caught the cord and dragged it off the table, breaking the hinge but causing no damage to the screen. I was told it would be at least $400 to fix. Guess what? I placed the hinge in the best workable position and dealt with it.

Then it was freezing up. Slowed down. Could barely get any work done at all. I tried everything I could think up to try to salvage it. I dumped programs and apps I wasn’t using. I ran anti-virus. I ran defrag. I dumped temp files and more programs I didn’t use. Still no improvement.

With 7 parties on the line this month, I was trying to schedule my month and get ahead of things. I started with the first party on CinchShare.


What?? Maybe if I click here…


Nothing… Ok, Ill close the window..


WTH! Nothing is working!! Shut down the…



I walked away from the computer before I threw it out the window. It became a very productive day for chores after that. Caught up on laundry and dishes. Even cleaned the floor – although my pup followed me and chased after my mop so it doesn’t look like I did anything.

And cue the Saturday night trip to Best Buy. Decided on a MacBook Pro. My first MacBook! I just switched to Apple products a few years ago after being a Samsung fan for years and years. I had many problems with Samsung, but loved their style phones especially the Note series. Being able to jot down notes with a stylus attached to the phone was awesome! But after going through several phones a year due to many issues, I said enough is enough and tried out the iPhone. Loved them since.

So this blog post comes to you curtesy my new MacBook! How’s it look? Considering I couldn’t write this post on my beeping Dell, I think it looks fantastic!

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