Renovations – Flooring

The next step in our renovations was flooring. We really wanted to replace the flooring throughout the entire house, but that was well over budget. So we decided on replacing the two main living areas, and the hallways.

I got quotes from several flooring stores, and a few handymen. We finally chose a store to install our flooring. This was based on the flooring type, the floor coloring, pricing, and what was included in pricing. Many stores did not include floating the floor in their pricing. Float is leveling out the floor so the laminate will lay flat. With carpeting this isn’t that important. In Texas our base floors are concrete, so float is essentially more concrete to level out dips in the floor.

Moving all our belongings into a spare room and the garage was a pain! Keeping our puppy in her crate for two days was just as bad. I’m not sure boarding her for the day would have been any easier. I did end up taking the screen out of our master bedroom window (where we were all situated for the two days) so that she could access the backyard.

They quoted us 4 days to get the 900 sq ft area done, and I am glad it only took 2 days. It was a 3 man team, though one of them didn’t do much. When he did finally work, he tried FaceTiming in my home. That was NOT ok with me. Who does that?!

The final outcome was great! The floors look great! I love the coloring and texture of them.

But come to find out a few weeks later, that the trim pieces along our fireplace and the areas that met tile, were not secured the right way. It was not allowing the floor to expand and contract. So they started squeaking. I called and scheduled a warranty contractor to come out to fix the squeak.

The man that came out, put holes in my floor, and flipped out on me in front of my kids. Throwing tools, and smashed his phone into my front door. I called the police as soon as he was out my front door. The police called the company to make sure the man would not return, and to schedule for someone else to come pick up the mans tools that he left behind.

The crew that arrived later that day, was able to use the one box of flooring we had left over and scrap trim they had, to fix what the man did. The floor still squeaks and we now have a piece of trim that doesn’t match the other trim in the house.

The company has done nothing else to fix the situation.

Overall I still love my floors, but I will never do business with this company again. I know what happened with the man was a freak situation, but the way the company has handled it has left an incredibly bad impression with us.

Check out the photos below! Let me know what you think! Have you had any floors changed in your home? Was it a better experience than mine?! Ha!

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