Meet Lucy

You have seen Lucy in my family post, but I thought I would share how Lucy became part of the family and those that came before her.

My husband and I rescued a Plott Hound mix, Bradley, in 2008 and a Husky mix, Obi, in 2009. They were great dogs! Bradley was very lazy, and preferred to just lay around. He loved car rides, especially to the dump as the workers gave him treats! Obi, as most Husky’s are, was extremely high energy. He could go on a 3 mile run with me, and still have energy to play when we got home. He wasn’t a big fan of car rides unless he could lay his head in someone’s lap. He had a lot of anxiety.

As you see they were very spoiled dogs. Bradley loved his treats, and stuffed chipmunks. Obi slept with us. Both took over our couch and bed. At one point Bradley had claimed my recliner!! So spoiled and so loved! (photos from 2008 and 2012)

Obi also had an aggressive side to him. Poor Bradley mostly got the brunt of that. We kept them apart during feedings as best we could. We tried several different trainers and training types. He was even on medication for his anxiety.

Then when moving into an apartment when my oldest was still a baby in 2016, Obi jumped aggressively on him in his car seat. My son wasn’t hurt, but sadly I could not take any chances. We re-homed him. I was so upset losing him, he had gotten me through some really tough times. I had to put my child first, and couldn’t chance Obi attacking him or someone else.

Unfortunately, just a year later, Bradley got sick. The vet we had at the time, diagnosed him with an infection only puppies get. Gave him meds, but nothing helped. I knew he was suffering, he wasn’t himself at all, but the vet kept saying give the meds time to work… even after finishing the bottle. After months of suffering, acting very depressed, just not himself at all, I decided to do what was best for him. I put him down, via a different vet. He lived a fantastic and very spoiled long life. I miss him every day, but I know he’s not suffering anymore.

After losing Bradley I needed time to grieve. I knew I wanted and needed another dog, but I needed a little time. With PTSD and anxiety I feel more comfortable with a dog. When I was ready, we were pregnant with our youngest. I could not handle a puppy while pregnant. Then we were house hunting. While waiting, we rented a house (see the house buying post for why). We didn’t want to pay a dog fee at the rental, so we decided to wait until we bought a home.

Once we were moved into our house in March of this year, I started looking around for the right dog. My husband was against a dog so early, but I kept reminding him why I needed a dog. I looked into pure bred German Shepherds, and rescues for GSD. I wanted a puppy so it could grow up with our boys.

Then one day, scrolling through Nextdoor for our community, I see the cutest GSD mixed puppies. I messaged the person that posted asking if they were a breeder, and other details on the puppies. She was a foster coordinator for a rescue. The puppies were dumped on the side of the road, and the two pictured were the last of the litter. I told my husband, and sarcastically he said “Fine, only if they are $40!” I said I don’t know what the fee is, so I asked. The unbelievable happened. She responded, “$40”. I laughed and scheduled a time that afternoon to meet the pups.

We met Lucy and her brother, and Lucy was just too adorable to leave there. She was estimated to be about 10 weeks old from looking at her puppy teeth. We signed the adoption papers, paid the $40 and went off to PetSmart to gather all the puppy items we needed!

She fell asleep while we were shopping! She was so tiny!

She came with a bed, blanket and small toy. But she didn’t want to sleep on it at night.

At first she would not sleep on anything. She hated blankets, and her bed in the crate with her.

But during the day, she would sleep in my son’s napper that he had outgrown.

She sleeps under my feet at my desk. She will lay here until 9pm which she has deemed her bedtime, and then paces until we walk to her crate. She can enter her crate on her own any time, but she always insists on being walked to her crate. I think she’s trying to get me to come to bed as well, which works most nights, but occasionally I have a few things to finish first.

She will be a fantastic protector of our home and family.

She is so great with the kids…

And very attached to them! She watches them play, and is constantly by their side.

At 6 months old she was weighing in at 50lbs already. GSD are not considered full grown until 2-2.5 years old! She’s very loved and spoiled!

Now I have to convince the husband that when she turns 1 she will need a playmate…. Stay tuned! 😆

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