Continuing Renovations

As you can see on the Home Reno page, I tackled painting after getting the water heater replaced. I was also painting while dealing with the electrical issues! I painted for the month before we moved in. And continued to paint after we moved in! To this day all the painting still isn’t finished. We have one more bedroom to paint, all the trim, doors, closets, and touch up the ceiling.

I also replaced all the door knobs in the house too. You never know how many doors you have until you replace knobs!! The knobs before just were not our style, and probably original to the house. It took a couple days to change them all out. We did change the front and back doors immediately. Since we were changing the door knobs before we moved in it wasn’t a rush. I removed all door knobs first, and gave them to someone who was also remodeling their home. We then took our time installing the new door knobs. We had to exchange a couple that we bought because one closet and the doors to the kitchen were one sided knobs. There was no hole in the door for a normal door knob. But one thing we should have done, is painted the doors while we had the knobs off! Oh well!

Stay tuned! Next up we put in new floors!

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