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Being a stay at home mom, you need the right gear to not only keep your kids entertained and safe, but also to keep you sane! With two small kids, getting out for a quick errand is just never quick nor easy. Amazon has become my best friend! I get items I need either next day or within 2 days! Its fantastic! I order everything from clothes, toys, organizers, ebooks, and pet supplies to nail polish and hair accessories! Here’s a few items that are some of my favorites! Click the pictures for more info on each item!

Comfy tummy control leggings! These are a must have! My current favorite brand is TSLA, they offer many different styles and colors to choose from. Soft, comfortable and give support in all the right places! I am perfectly comfortable wearing these around the house, or to run a quick errand!

Multi use infinity bands! I have long layered hair, and being active with my kids and work, I need to keep my hair out of my face. I can use it as a headband, scarf, hair tie, beanie, etc. The packaging even shows you the many different ways you can use their product! I have a 6 piece Paisley set, and love them! They are stretchy enough to use them multiple ways but still stay tight enough to hold your hair!

I LOVE doing my nails! I tried to have my nails done at a salon once and it was a bad experience. I never went back. I actually find it relaxing to do them myself. After having two kids I just don’t have a lot of time to paint my nails as much as I would like. I went from painting my nails with very detailed designs every week to just getting color on my nails at least once a month. I hate my nails bare or chipped! I wanted to try gel polish as I heard from several people who have their nails done at salons, that it lasts weeks without chipping. Gellen is awesome! Love this kit! Includes everything you need to get started including top and base coats, and the lamp. Once you get the hang of the steps its very easy and quick!

For my toddler, I got these water marbles! He LOVES them! Plays with them for HOURS! I got this set for the tools it came with. Great motor skill activities! We bought a tiny pack from Lakeshore Learning store and he fell in love with them! They were great, and even as an adult I enjoy playing with them! We had to have more! This is a much cheaper version of the Lakeshore brand, but they are slightly smaller. With 70,000 beads, my son didn’t notice the difference! He just knew I could fill his bucket up with these! He hides his Hot Wheels cars in them, dinosaurs, boats, and loves using the tools it came with to move the marbles around! Edit to add – Please check out WAHM Gear 2 post for the update to this item!

We went from a bathroom vanity that had a row of drawers for organization in our rental house, to just cabinet doors on the vanity. Under my sinks were a mess! I needed something to organize our bathroom stuff! I found these baskets and thought they would work nicely. I was pleasantly surprised to find the basket itself was made of a great cloth like material and looked great! I actually bought two sets, as I use the smallest baskets to organize on top of the sink as well. I will be getting a third set for the medicine cabinet!

I subscribe to Imperfect Produce (more on that in another post) and I found that I had fruit and veggies all over my kitchen counters! This cute little double tiered basket is perfect to organize my counters! I even found a matching paper towel holder!

For my UBAM and blogging business I needed a tripod for photos and videos. This one is perfect! It can be used as a selfie stick, it stands on its own, and the legs are flexible to wrap around just about anything so you always have the best angles for your photography! With a remote its even easier to be in front of the camera!


At the end of the day I love relaxing with a good book! Kindleunlimited lets me read anywhere I am with a simple app on my phone (or a Kindle).


Of course none of this would be possible without Amazon Prime! I love it! The next day and 2 day shipping is amazing! Customer service is top notch! They truly want their customers to be happy and satisfied!

What are some of your favorite products?

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