Electrical Work

When we bought our house we knew from the home inspection that we need a couple electrical things done. A GFCI outlet was needed in the garage, the main panel needed to be relabeled and there was a wire exposed in the attic.

Within the first few weeks of owning the house, I had that taken care of by an electrician I had found while renting. We had blown a fuse in the rental house and for some reason could not reset the breaker. One free phone call to this kind man, and we had the problem solved in 15 minutes. I kept his number and called him when we bought this house.

Then I noticed an outlet in the kitchen wasn’t working properly. It would trip the GFCI every time something was plugged into it. Since my Keurig was also plugged into the same circuit, I needed this fixed fast!

He came out later that day, and when turning on the kitchen light, found the switch was loose. He took it apart and that’s where things got a little more expensive. The switch was cracked! The faulty outlet was also cracked! I asked him to check all the other switches. 98% of them were cracked! The house at one point had some sort of power surge and really messed up our switches and outlets. So he replaced all the broken switches. He replaced lights and installed a ceiling fan while here as well, but that’s another post!

Fast forward two months. Our bathroom outlets and two other hallway outlets were having issues on and off. My husband decided to DIY instead of paying more money to professionals! He watched a few YouTube videos and was prepared to be an electrician! He installed two new GFCI outlets in our master bath. Turned the power back on…and the outlets didn’t work. At all! I called the electrician!

He came out and found it was a simple fix. Just crossed two wires. The new outlets were just slightly different from the older outlets. But he also discovered our light switch and exhaust fan switch were loose. Now we believed the entire time we lived here that the fan just didn’t work. He replaced the switches, and now the fan works!! It was the switch the whole time!

He replaced the outlets in the other bathroom, and the two in the hallway as well. We decided that we would just replace all the outlets in the house just to be safe.

I have a feeling this isn’t the last of the electrical work..

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