Buying our first Home

Believe it or not, our home buying process was almost two years long!

We started with one man who bought and sold houses on his own. He had helped a co-worker of my husbands, and they had no issues with him. So we took a chance. Since he didn’t have any homes currently in the area we were looking to buy, he told us about some lots he had available for us to build on. Customize our own home? Sure! Sounded exciting! We were renting at the time, and informed him that we were under a time crunch so that we didn’t pay extra at the apartment. We saw the lot, and he happened to have plans already drawn up for a house he had planned on building. We loved it, and agreed to the plans. We made sure again that the house would be finished within our time frame, and was assured it would be.

Very quickly I became frustrated with him and the process. I was not getting any updates as promised. After two months of being ignored, then told “If I don’t have an update why would I respond to you?” we parted ways. He hadn’t received the updated blueprints from the architect. He hadn’t gone to the HOA to approve the plans. Nothing was being done besides wasting our time.

With the idea of building our own home now in our mind, we tried a builder in a new subdivision. We couldn’t agree on a lot or a floor plan that worked for us.

We then found another subdivision and began plans with their builder. We found a great floor plan, picked our lot with a good size back yard, and even went to their design studio an hour away four times to pick out all the details. We were told everything was set for the ground breaking. A month later nothing was happening. Come to find out, they hadn’t processed any of our paper work. We lost our lot and was told the next section of building would open in a few months. We parted ways yet again.

We then needed to get out of our current lease that by now was a more expensive month to month due to all the delays. We found a cute house in another city and rented for a year.

About 4 months before our lease was up, we took a chance again with a co-worker recommendation, and contacted a realtor. We were not going down the new construction road again! We sat down, discussed our wants and must haves. We viewed at least 15 homes. Narrowed our top picks, and put in an offer on a house we thought would work for us. The seller, out of the country at the time, didn’t want to work with us on closing costs. That was a deal breaker for us, and we walked away. A few showings later, we kept coming back to a house we viewed at the start of the search. Open floor plan, lots of space, nice back yard, and quiet neighborhood with kids playing hockey in the street. We put in an offer. A month of back and forth, inspections, re-inspections, negotiations, and finally closing! We had our first house!!

Being handed the keys to our first home was the best feeling! A great accomplishment! And the most expensive set of keys we will ever own!

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