The Start of Homeschooling

We haven’t officially started homeschooling yet. But I wanted to share a few of the materials I have to get my toddler ready.

As an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books & More I have access to hundreds of great books and resources to teach my boys!

Here’s just a few that I have to get us started.

This is a great starting point to show your kids the very basic things they need to know. Counting, colors, shapes, family members and many basic names of objects around the home and school.

Learning palette is a great resource! You can customize the subjects and level that your child learns. In these two Math sets, we are learning numbers and matching.

This is one of my sons favorites! He loves dinosaurs! This great wipe clean teaches pen control, and early writing as he traces the shapes of the dinosaurs and follows mazes.

123! Number learning, pen control and early writing with this Wipe Clean!

ABC! Pen control, early writing, and of course learning the alphabet!

These 3 Finger Match books are great for my son to learn on his own! Simple matching of one picture to another! The back side of the page shows him the correct answer.

I love the Lift the Flap books! Great books for little hands to practice motor skills while learning.

Sizes and Measuring! Another great Lift the Flap book for comparing sizes!

We haven’t touched this book too much as we are using Telling the Time, a story with Poppy and Sam. It has a clock at the top of the book that you can change the time as the story progresses.

This is just a few of the books we are currently using. I love that my son will sit down at his bookcases and just flip through books on his own pointing out different things. UBAM books are so vibrant and fun, they definitely keep his attention!

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