The start of renovations

When we closed on our house in February, we had a list of things we wanted to accomplish before we moved in. That list added to the list of improvements suggested by the home inspector, made a 3 page “hunny do list”. With my husband working 6 days a week, I became the contractor! A contractor with a 6 month old and a 3 year old!

First up on the list was a new water heater! The home inspector informed us the temperature regulator was broken, causing a “life hazard”. This basically meant that at any time the temperature could spike and potentially boiling hot water could come out.

I immediately started looking for plumbers and handy men to help me. This was my first obstacle. It really is true that its hard to find good help! I had a cancellation, a no show, and one handy man who showed up but never gave me a quote on any of the jobs I needed done. Finally found someone who owned his own plumbing business. He was able to give me a quote on a Friday, and installed the water heater Saturday afternoon.

And this was just the first week!

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