My Why

When I tell someone I am a book lady, usually the first question is why. Well why not? Why wouldn’t you want to share the love of reading, and spread literacy?

My why is easy. As a stay at home mom, I wanted to fill my boys library with amazing books! I was debating if I wanted to homeschool my toddler or try to find an amazing preschool. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Usborne Books & More. “Would you like to come to my launch party?” At this time I was pregnant with my second child. So very quickly I knew I wanted to host my own party for free books! I had a Build Baby a Library party. Then I placed an order for Christmas. Another order for Easter.

“Why am I spending money, when I could be getting these books free plus making money?”

I finally joined! My only regret is not joining sooner! I kept saying I didn’t have time. “Baby is coming, there’s no time!” “I’ll see what kind of time I have available after baby is born.” I failed to see that I could make my own schedule and work when I wanted. I also didn’t know about Cinchshare at that time either. But more on that later.

I love that I have my own business. I decide what avenues I want to pursue or not. I have the ability to be creative. I can have fun.

Best of all, I am able to stay home with my boys and watch their eyes light up when the boxes of books arrive at our door!

What is your why?

2 thoughts on “My Why

  1. My why: I write because reading was instilled in me when I was very young. 🙂

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    1. Yes! I was reading with my mother before first grade! Just seemed natural to join Usborne Books & More!

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